• Hello, I'm Avis Senior B.H.S.A.I - Intuitive Mentor. Animal Communicator / Energy Healer. Multi-disciplinary Practitioner of the Human Mind.

  • This Level One Course is a deep dive into the elements I discussed in my Complimentary online Course The Animal Core Energy Connection Series - The Foundations, with lots more information. If you haven't yet worked through the Foundation Level and this is your introduction to the world of Universal Energy, may I suggest that you start with the Complimentary Foundation Level.

  • You will walk away from this Course with:

    a clear and deep understanding of who you are as a human/energy being.

  • You will have a good knowledge of how closely connected you are to the animals in your care along with the laws of nature, or principles of nature as they’re often called.

  • You will see why the animals who have come and gone, and those with you now fit in so perfectly.

  • By the end of this course you will know the reasons why your life is as it is.

  • You will learn how to develop in mind, body and spirit enabling a deep understanding of who you truly are. After all, if you don’t know who you are, how can you possibly know who the non-humans you care for truly are.

  • And finally you’ll learn why having a knowledge of universal energy and working on your self development under its umbrella is vital to your holistic intuitive health, that of the animals in your care, and to the ease at which a telepathic, intuitive and energetic connection is made.

Discover your true nature as an energy being. Discover the Power of Telepathy between species

Delve into the realms of quantum physics and metaphysics, where you will learn who you, and the animals in your care are at the smallest scales of atoms, and subatomic particles.  Learn about energy, the relationship between mind and matter, and the state of being.  

Below: Part of a Lesson taken from Module 2 - You are a telepathic being 

The Animal Core Energy Connection Series Level One Online Course - helping you to change the way you think about yourself and the animals in your care.



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  • Theresa George
    I decided to take part in the Core Connection course after experiencing some very difficult situations with my horse, Mack. I just knew that I had to find a way of understanding what he was trying to tell me and felt that the course could offer me the opportunity to do so. Working through the course has made me so aware of who I am now and who I could be which has had the most positive effect on my communication and relationship with Mack. I have learned to recognise the signs of how he is feeling which enables me to stop and think about how I may have been behaving too  to influence his behaviour. He always gives me the answers I need. The course is set out in a very simplistic but very effective way. Just being able to sit back and listen to Avis' calming voice makes it so enjoyable but also offers the chance to delve more deeply into the subjects if one chooses to. It is also really reassuring to be able to go back over the topics as often as possible to be sure that the subject matter is fully understood before moving on to the next topic. I would really urge anybody who owns or just has an interest in horses, and other animals, to take the time and opportunity to take this course. The rewards will give you such a deep understanding of your fur friends and they will thank you for it too.
    Theresa George
  • Crissy Coletta
    Finding Avis and her course has been a light at the end of a dim tunnel. I finally found a way of understanding all of what is. Yes this course has awakened something inside of me that’s been waiting patiently to emerge. I highly recommend for anyone who feels the spiritual connection but cannot quite pin point how they do it and why, and all the questions and self doubts they have about the communication between them and the animals around them. My communication with all the horses on my ranch has gone to a new level. The course is very much a lift off to seeking more knowledge. It’s actually LIFE CHANGING! The lessons are easy to follow and thoroughly enjoyable. I would recommend this course to the whole of humanity so we can re-alight our instinctual thinking and feeling selves that have been long lost in the daily grind that is todays society. Your voice Avis is so pleasant to listen to, and I look forward to the next course! very informative. Love the exercises Really great content! Thankyou so much Avis from humanity because i think the more people that can do this course the more people will awaken and that's a magical thing
    Crissy Coletta
  • Andree Lorraine Ralph
    I just wanted to let you know I've just listened to the part on being an energy being and it has helped to clarify and simplify what I've been aware of but struggling with for some time. I will be listening again to really get it clear but I just wanted to say thank you . Thank you for all the hard work you've put into this. the content is great, easily understandable and enjoyable. I love the video teaching format, haven't realised how much it works for me until now and a couple of things I have struggled slightly with have suddenly become clear so thank you for this opportunity too. I've thoroughly enjoyed the section on being an emotional being and particularly the bit around meditation and being in nature. I always experienced such difficulty doing meditation in the 'usual' way until I was shown by our horses, while sitting in the field one day…now I can find that space easily and at any time simply by tapping into that thought, feeling and knowledge.
    Andree Lorraine Ralph
  • Caroline Greatrex
    Caroline Greatrex
  • Cheryl Bonnie
    When you get to that point in life where you feel "there must be more to life" and you want to explore deeper; If you are 'awakening', the Animal Core Energy Connection Level 1 is a great place to start. Avis covers lots of aspects and all is explained in a very easy to listen way. Nice short videos. For me personally I had already explored many of the areas covered however at times I felt confused & bamboozled, and for me this gives clarification and has reminded me of so many things I have learned & forgotten. Avis' compassion for animals shines through but doesn't exclude people who do not have their own.
    Cheryl Bonnie
  • Janice Reid Foster
    I have really enjoyed doing the Animal Core Energy Connection Level One Course. Although online courses are not my favourite way to learn, this one was straight forward and informative. Within the course there was a lot of new to me information, and also modalities I was familiar with, which helped me renew my connection to them. What I love about the course is not only all the helpful tips, but also the way everything is set up. You can take it as it is, or you can, if you are like me, find yourself wanting to do more research and reading on the different fields. If you see me swaying in the breeze, I’m not losing my balance, I am getting some answers. I highly recommend this course if you are on a journey to find harmony with the animals in your life, as ultimately they are our teachers. Thank you Avis for this opportunity, from me and from my animal friends.
    Janice Reid Foster
  • Phil Tidman
    Hi Avis as you know, I think the course is spot on! Content and flow are just right and I'm ' glued ' to it. Well done!
    Phil Tidman
  • Bridie Gordon
    Just grateful for the opportunity Avis. Can totally recommend Avis's course. It's easy to follow and the way Avis delivers it is more like listening to a friend than a teacher. Such a wonderful way to learn more and expand the gifts we have and relearn lost skills. Thank you Avis
    Bridie Gordon

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The Animal Core Energy Connection Series - Level One

The Animal Core Energy Connection Series Level One Online Course - helping you to change the way you think about yourself and the animals in your care.



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