• Six modules, twenty five lessons

    Six modules, twenty five short lessons making up around two and a half hours of exploring, learning, 'aha' moments and the beginning of the deepest possible connection and understanding of animals. This learning experience based on proven science will open up your awareness to look within and see with better eyes; to feel from the heart rather than think from your mind.

  • Module One

    New Beginnings

    Lesson One: Simply Be

    Lesson Two: Breathing is good for your health

    Lesson Three: You are limitless

    Lesson Four: Pack up your troubles

The field of all possibilities

Connecting with animals at the Core Energy Level opens up the Field Of All Possibilities; it's a place of learning and understanding the animals we work with and share our lives with on a level that goes far deeper than the physical animal standing before you.

It's a place you might not presently be aware of..


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Scientific research shows that what we think about affects our health and wellbeing, and that of the animals we care for. When we are content with life in general, so are the animals in our care; but when we are feeling low, unhappy, depressed, the animals in our care will very quickly mirror our emotions in their behaviours. We can also mirror the behaviours and emotions of the animals in our care when their health and wellbeing are at risk from other outside influences.

When not addressed, the emotions held by the animal have the potential to manifest as physical issues such as chewing, urinating in the house, aggression, fear.

Physical ailments such as lameness, digestive problems, skin rashes, hair loss, all manner of symptoms may arise. 

The trapped energies of our own emotions also have the potential to manifest into physical ailments if left unaddressed.


We all have days where everything goes according to plan; we feel that life is good. However, I also used to have those days when I felt like I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders; I suspect you have those days too - feeling out of sorts. Feeling tired, moody, angry, blaming others, fearing the future, feeling overwhelmed. 

If your life is like mine was, you too probably think its normal - this is what life is all about.  The stress, blame, fear, overwhelm are just a part of life's tapestry.


they are not!

The majority of my days now are filled with the good things in life, because I made the choice to change my perception about life; I changed my thoughts and my beliefs around my life for my benefit, and for the benefit of the animals I share my life with.

When you make the commitment to let go of your internal battles you literally change your life and that of the animals you share an emotional bond with. 

You can begin right here - right now. You will never look back.



Boost the quality of the relationship with the animals in your care

Whether you care for animals in a professional capacity or personally this guidance is for you; this is where your journey starts...    



The Animal Core Energy Connection Series - The Foundations Complimentary Course

The trust, understanding and deep relationship you have with the animals in your care can come about only at the Core Energy Level. It all begins here - with you.

Welcome to the most profound, exciting and life-changing journey you may ever encounter. The animals in your care are waiting for you.



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