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Let's uncover your ability to understand yourself and other Species on the Behavioural, Mental, Emotional, Physical, Soul, and Energetic Levels.  Let's bring you back into Energetic Alignment.

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What is SPECIES Connected?

As human beings, we generally live our lives in the belief that what we see and feel on the physical level, and what we feel on an emotional level is who we are. This is it. "This is who I am and I can't change it."                               
We generally have a basic knowledge of the human anatomy.  We recognise the physical embodiment of the non-human species we take care of. You, however might not be aware of the metaphysical anatomy that sits within the physical anatomy, constantly feeding it with life force energy.

Due to emotional and physical trauma that many of us might endure in the womb, or trauma we suffered as children, we start to feel trapped, unable to process those childhood experiences. The parts of us that suffer the trauma, in effect, disconnect from the rest of the body leaving us feeling vulnerable.

It's vitally important to recognise that other species who have suffered in the same way may present behaviours that are due to resulting deep set emotional issues. The behaviours are often either dismissed or misjudged as misbehaviour,  resulting in the deaths of thousands of animals each year. Yet it doesn't have to be that way.

SPECIES Connected is the term I've lovingly created in honour of my eight years of research, and ongoing study of all the elements below that makes up SPECIES. 

S cience - a mix of Behavioural, Biological, Psychological, Quantum, Metaphysical, & neurocardiology       
hysiology - the impact of a behaviour on the endocrine system, & the response in the brain   
E thology - the science of animal behaviour
onsciousness - the state of awareness
ntuition - instinctive feelings rather than conscious reasoning
nergetics -  using the subtle energy to trigger the natural healing processes within the body.
ystems - the various methods and gateways that lead to The Animal Core Energy Connection - One Consciousness

When brought together, SPECIES has the power to Reconnect all the elements, bringing about total emotional, mental, physical, and energetic balance.

'Whether human species or non-human species bears no relevance. Beneath the physical body we are all one Energy, one Consciousness.                                                                           Avis Senior

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How will the S.P.E.C.I.E.S Connected concept be of benefit for my own health, and that of the non-humans in my care?

You will reap many benefits on three levels. Here are just a few:

The Emotional Level
> more of the feel good factor in your life. Your coping mechanisms will improve when dealing with traumatic events. The cortisol and adrenal levels in your body will reduce, leaving you less prone to overwhelm and stress. You will be more readily adaptable to change. You will have the confidence and the courage to give priority to yourself ..ooh, that's a hard one! Let me put it this way:
if you don't ensure your own emotional health is in tiptop condition, how can you even begin to ensure the good health of others remains so?

Of enormous benefit to you and the non-humans in your care is, you will become less inclined to let your human emotions influence decision making on personal matters.

When making decisions on behalf of other species, you will be better placed to make those decisions based on proven science rather than the common human anthropomorphic state of mind.

The Physical Level
>as your emotions begin to level off, you will find yourself connecting more with your heart and your intuition.  You will feel improved all-round physical health. Renewed vitality and a zest for life. Changes at cellular level can begin, creating enormous benefits and potential for all species in all areas of your lives.

The Energetic Level
> This level is unseen with the naked eye. It is where your Energetic Life Force sits. Just as blood flows through veins in your physical body, universal energy flows through channels within your metaphysical body, and known as Meridians that are connected to other energy systems.

Your heart is connected to one of three vitally important energy centres. When all three are connected, and the energy is Free Flowing, an alignment of The Emotional Level, The Physical Level, and The Energetic Level leads to excellent mental, emotional, physical, and metaphysical health.


The treating of another species as if it was human in appearance, character or behaviour with no conscious regard or knowledge of the species and its Ethogram  (evolutionary set in concrete behaviours that form part of the repertoire of the species).

Many Evolutionary Behaviours are misjudged by humans resulting in thousands of of non-humans being destroyed every year.

"Every behaviour is a communication from the non-human to you."
             Avis Senior

Expertise & Intuition

My life's work is based on personal experience:  an unbearable point in my life where I realised I had let down badly, the non-humans in my care due to my human traditions, beliefs and anthropomorphism.

I fought hard to figure it out for the sake of those I cherished. I succeeded.  I finally figured it out! I became an expert in it, and now I show others how to achieve the same amazing results in bonding with, and understanding other animal species.

My audience knows me very well for my expertise and compassion in intuitively bringing about positive changes in the behaviours of non-humans, by also helping their caretakers make enhancing changes to the way they think about, communicate with, care for and importantly, help their non-human counterparts.

Along with the day to day worries and stress you may have in your life, you might also have a non-human in your care who is presenting unwanted behaviours, and causing more upheaval in spite of being given a clean bill of health by the vet. You can do without it - right?

What if I told you the SOLUTION may NOT be what you think but it will certainly be easier than you think.

What if I told you that the SOLUTION is actually within you, and the INTUITIVE part of you KNOWS what it is.

Would you like to learn how you can begin to unravel the mysteries of unwanted behaviours, that will lead to a far deeper understanding and relationship with the non-human animals in your care at the Animal Core Energy Level?
Then I invite you to start right here, right now.
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Can you trust me to help you?

My Background

I was around two years old when our eyes met. Since then, I've been totally in love with horses, and I feel blessed to have them in my life as friends, teachers, and confidantes. 

I'm also privileged to have a range of other species accompany me along my walk through this life - all here to teach me valuable lessons. Daisy, a beautiful black Spaniel being the latest in a long line.

From parallel careers in Local Government and the Equestrian Field, coaching horse riders, to author of an equestrian guide, and now Guide and Mentor in the realms of Intuition, Energy Healing, and the inner workings of the Human Mind that are the cause of our day to day disruptions, and  which can have an adverse impact on the emotional state of the non-humans we share our lives with.

My Qualifications

Animal Communication
Reiki - humans and all animals
Life Coaching
CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique
TFT - Thought Field Therapy
Transcendental Dowsing
Modern Applied Psychology
Law Of Attraction
Aromatherapy & Essential Oils
Currently training as a Canine Behaviourist

Other Species have trust in my work. You can too.

Non-human species know we have the ability to help them. They are also well aware of their roles in helping us to become better at living our best lives, and to be more effective caretakers of the non-humans we care for.

Avis. x

IMPORTANT NOTICE: In accordance with the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1996, if a non-human in your care shows any sign of illness or injury, you must always contact your Vet in the first instance. 

Daisy would love for you to come and join us!

The Animal Core Energy Connection Series - The Foundations

To bring out the best of the animals in your care, you must first bring out the best in yourself.

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Horse Riding in the 21st Century Book Reviews

“There are no bad horses out there, none who are deliberately ‘naughty’. As a vet I am aware of both the physical and emotional trauma that both rider and equipment can cause the horse, and Horse Riding in the 21st Century certainly enlightens the reader to that fact. We need to stop just doing something or using that equipment because that is the way it has always been done….
    For the open minded this book is an empowering and informative starting point on a journey towards a better relationship with their horse.”
Ros Jones BVSc MRCVS
“The array of available gadgets commonly described as ‘tack’ and ‘aids’ is a part of equestrian culture that s continually evolving and darkly fascinating……..
       As an equine behaviourist I am dismayed at the increasing number of options there are to control horses through pain and discomfort rather than consider the underlying causes for their behaviour…..
       I was going to say that this book is an important addition to the equestrian bookshelf but I don’t think it should be resigned to a bookshelf, getting as dusty as the equestrian culture it explores. It should be passed on, read, and pondered, creating a new, more compassionate equestrian culture.”
Suzanne Rogers Animal Welfare Consultant and Equine Behaviourist, Learning About Animals