Am I the guidance you seek?

In coming here, chances are you are seeking guidance for you and an animal in your care. Perhaps the intuitive part of you knows something is wrong but you can't quite put your finger on it. 

Maybe you are aware of your own inner worries and self talk that get you down...
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'The Field Of All Possibilities.'


Connecting with animals at the Core Energy Level opens up the 'field of all possibilities'; it's a place of learning and understanding the animals you work with and share your life with on a level that goes far deeper than the physical animal standing before you.


It's a place you might not presently be aware of.

Avis Senior. Your Guide & Mentor.


my 'signature complimentary foundations course' which guides animal caretakers like you step by step to the first level of intuitive connection.
Along the way,  that niggling question in your head - "How can I be a better caretaker?"- will be answered.  

The Animal Core Energy Connection Series.

In my complimentary foundations course, you will learn why it's important to communicate with animals on the intuitive level, how we do so and the enormous benefits for all concerned.

Feel empowered as you become re-acquainted with your powerful status as a human/energy being.  Understand how your energy and words affect not only your health and well-being, but that of the animals you share your life with.
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Animals have trust in my work. You can too.

This learning experience is based on proven science and will open up your awareness to look within and see with better eyes; to feel from the heart rather than think from your mind.

Avis. x

Expertise & Intuition

Yes! I'm an animal communicator and intuitive mentor. My life's work is based on personal experience: an unbearable 'pain point' where I felt stuck. I finally figured it out. I became an expert in it, and now teach others how to achieve the same amazing results in bonding with, and understanding other animal species. My audience knows me very well for my expertise in intuitively bringing about positive changes in the behaviours of animals by also helping their caretakers make enhancing changes to the way they think about, communicate with, and care for non-human animals.

Achieve Complete Understanding Of The Animals In your Care.

As a qualified Animal Communicator, Reiki Master Teacher, BHSAI with many years of experience, Mindfulness Practitioner, Life Coach, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) Practitioner, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) Practitioner, Mentor of the Universal Laws, Modern Applied Psychology, and a soon to be qualified Canine Behaviourist, I clearly understand that you want nothing more than to understand completely the animals you live with, and may even work alongside.

I have the expertise and the passion to help you to re-open and enhance the intuitive ability you were born with, so that you no longer have to second guess those odd behaviours and strange body language.

I can show you how to communicate with the animals in your care at the deepest possible core energy level - a level of universal energy, intuition, telepathy, and mindfulness, so that you can experience a greater bond and connection with them.

So ... what are you waiting for? The Foundation Level of the Animal Core Energy Connection Series of Courses is free to you, with my compliments.
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